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Nanometer magnetic particle automatic chemiluminescence self - antibody quantitative detection platform

Automatic chemiluminescence autoantibody detection platform
Nabucco autoantibody detection platform is a new autoantibody detection platform with the "domestic initiative and international leading" level under the support of national 863 and major special projects of jiangsu province. The detection platform includes automatic chemiluminescence platform LumiRay1260 and a total of 42 autoantibody detection projects. Will launch from the technical level of the blog platform to solve domestic autoantibodies laboratory tests exist some obvious and need to solve practical problems, including the detection method for qualitative detection is given priority to, can't really realize automation, project portfolio blindly, sample batch of bureau be confined to, the lack of strict quality control and heavily dependent on imported products, etc., to meet the domestic for autoimmune diseases personalization, accuracy and timeliness of realistic demand. More importantly, as nabok has the characteristics of flexible combination of detection projects, it will also change the clinical application thinking and working mode of immunoblot method based on curing combination.