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ACEA NovoCyte Flow cytometry

ACEA NovoCyte

Intelligent flow cytometry
> Powerful - up to 16 test parameters, high sensitivity, high resolution
> Automatic intelligence - automatic operation and testing process, a powerful data acquisition and analysis system > Flexible configuration - Multiple optional lasers, replaceable filters, multiple loading options, flexible data analysis module

The ACEA NovoCyte series of flow cytometers is a new generation of personalized, intelligent flow cytometry systems from Essen Bio.

ACEA NovoCyte series of flow cytometry using the latest technology and modular design ideas to meet the diverse needs of users, flexible configuration, upgrade freely. The ACEA NovoCyte series of flow cytometers combines intelligence and automation to deliver high-speed, high-resolution, high-precision, and high-sensitivity assays. Supporting the Chinese and English versions of NovoExpress software combines automated data acquisition and powerful data analysis capabilities.

Superior Performance - All key components are top-of-the-line in the industry; up to 35,000 cells / second

Intelligent and simple - a key switch without manual duty; tune-free voltage, fast compensation

Flexible configuration - 1 to 3 laser machine upgrade; optional autosampler