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BD-500 Leucorrhea analyzer


Leucorrhea analyzer
> Morphology and chemical analysis as one > Dry Chemical Testing Automation
High degree of automation > Never blocked, no cross-contamination
Clear vision > Automatic staining technique, clue cells, epithelial cells clearer
> Unique Trichomonoma recognition technology > Leucorrhea cells automatic identification technology, positive screening technology

The real set of "morphology, functional and micro-ecological" as one of the automatic diagnostic and instrumentation

1. Efficient image recognition, processing and counting techniques, check card results automatically read
2. Exclusive use of disposable quartz crystal counting plate, higher image clarity, the instrument never blocked, no cross-contamination
3. Instrument built-in automatic staining technology, the shape of the image clearer, the count plate specimens can be retained for easy microscopy
4. Unique "time-of-motion tracking" trichomonas dynamic recognition technology to solve the industry recognized Trichomonas automatic recognition problem
5. According to the needs of a variety of specifications, the project can be combined check card selection